Change Dyslexia

presents the first

Map of Dyslexia

Let's make visible what was invisible before, dyslexia.

One in ten people in the world has dyslexia.

That means that of every 10 of your friends, 1 is dyslexic, or maybe you.

Dyslexic people think of themselves as idiots, but they are not, we assure your they are not fools.

We are doing the world’s first map of dyslexia for everyone to see.

Use the test and discover how many people around you have dyslexia.

By taking the test you will be helping Change Dyslexia’s social mission: no child failure due to dyslexia, and no adults thinking they are clumsy.

Dreams are not words to be read but to become true.

Dyslexia is cool!

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